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Reprogram your response to stress and anxiety, and build…


Use techniques developed in freediving record attempts to pressure–proof body & mind

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How can we access mental and physical calm in a high-pressure, turbulent world?

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The Mental Immune System

When immersed in stress, our innate responses are redundant, or even counterproductive. After all, they evolved for our lives as primitive apes, when tigers and other dangers were best confronted with hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Nowadays though, 'fight or flight' does more harm than good when encountering modern stressors in our personal or professional lives.

We need to upgrade the system, to one that is aligned with our lives today, and allows us to regain calm and equanimity when life becomes pressurised. Most importantly, it has to be a method that works in the background, operated by the subconscious mind, just like our body's physical immune system doesn't require our involvement to ward off viruses and bacteria!

The Mental Immune System draws on breathing methods and mental techniques to reprogram the subconscious with the code to neutralising stress and anxiety, once and for all.

The System Foundations

9 x 15-minute instructional videos

reveal the power of the mind and breath to defuse stress and anxiety.

Practical exercises

program the system into the subconscious through the right kind of drills.

Virtual Conferences

a closer interaction with William and guided drills with new techniques.

The Mental Immune System

How It Works

The body and mind have numerous feedback mechanisms, that can change your mental and emotional state.  For example, did you know that the different muscles you can use in breathing send differing signals via nerves to the brain, activating or deactivating different areas of the brain itself?

Once you’ve learnt to hack these systems you can create and maintain a calmness that is not contrived, but instead regenerated continuously.

The difference is paramount. In the world of business, but also in our lives in general, the gulf between vision and success is greatly determined by how we deal with stressors and our fear of the unknown.
Don’t let your destiny be undermined by a lack of control over your mental and emotional state.  Download the Mental Immune System to your life today.

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Born of Water

The Mental Immune System was devised by William Trubridge, who has made a life out of redefining the human aquatic limits in the sport of Freediving (breath hold diving) during a 20-year career.

Unlike most other sports, Freediving requires complete mental and physical calm in order to succeed. Far below the surface, any panic or excitement will increase oxygen use, leading to a failed dive, or even worse.

Freediving is like a test tube experiment in stress-management, and the techniques that William has devised in his career have helped him in setting 18 world records, and becoming the first and only human to dive past a depth of 100 meters with no assistance of any kind.

In our modern lives, calmness is just as important when we dive into the difficulties we face at home and in the workplace. The powerful techniques of the Mental Immune System can be implemented here also, with the same effect as they have in the depths of the ocean.

Ant WilliamsDirector Modus Leadership

Reaching the deep, dark depths of the ocean on a single breath requires total commitment and harmony between the mind and the body. To succeed, Will had to overcome the stress, doubt and discomfort of every dive.

Now, as World Champion, Will shares how to build your own mental immune system for healthier living and a far greater resilience to everyday stress.

Chris Morey

The distillation of years of practice, discipline and research, what Will presents in this series of short videos is a profoundly effective and accessible way to undermine the trigger/stress cycle and reclaim the energy and attention that was imprisoned by it.

Tim CarrollCarroll Consultancy

A valuable system that will help you to master your own mind and emotions, full of must need-to-know methods and techniques to reprogram your thoughts and fight off mental viruses.

AllyDeeper Development attendee

The Deeper Development retreat was one of the best weeks I have ever experienced. It was both inspirational, confronting and challenging on multiple levels. Constantly venturing outside of my comfort zone I found a place that I have never been both mentally and physically and it was exhilarating and rewarding. Rounded off by breathtaking encounters underwater and awe-inspiring William as a coach, I feel privileged to have been able to experience such a incredible opportunity. Thank you for the underwater awakening.

GrahamDeeper Development attendee

Will the feed back I have is immensely positive. You obviously have a wealth of knowledge to share given all of your dedication, experience and accomplishments in the world of free diving but it is by far you persona and natural teaching style that makes the retreat so enjoyable and effective. You are a very gifted and kind person and it is a simple joy to be around you. Your passion for the sport is obvious even as you teach the most basic fundamentals and your inherent quality to care for your clients is evident in all of the dinners, late afternoon chats and even this email chain. Thank you for being so open. It truly is "Deeper Development" as I came out of the retreat with not only better free diving techniques but also new tools to help me be the person I want to become.

HelenaDeeper Development attendee

Yes, this retreat turned out to be the best ever I had in my life. It reflects squarely my past state of being, which was unfortunately damaged and destructed and now is being patiently restored. Again, those pictures show me every single challenge I had which was observed and frankly reflected by you and Dean. I am very grateful for every moment I went through practicing in the pool, floating on the sea and diving under the water. The bottom line is not about techniques, instead it is about my state of being.

Yes, I would highly recommend everyone to have this invaluable experience of free diving especially with you and Dean, two great masters! It worths every second!

System Goals

The blueprint is a double-pronged approach that uses both physical and mental techniques to dissipate existing stress, as well as to create barriers to its formation. This blueprint is then embedded into the subconscious mind to create a reflexive reaction to stress: the mental immune system.

  • Create a blueprint of how to respond to stress, fear, and the unknown.
  • Embed the method into your subconscious so that it becomes an automatic response (The Mental Immune System).
  • Prove to yourself experientially that you’re capable of exceeding preconceptions of your own abilities
  • Build a foundation for calm and stable work and personal life.

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