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The System

Our species is drowning in stress and anxiety.

41% of adults are showing symptoms of anxiety disorder and/or depressive disorder.  79% of adults commonly experience work-related stress.  How do we cope with life in such a high-pressure, turbulent world?

The Solution

The System is a double-pronged approach that uses both physical and mental techniques to dissipate existing stress, as well as to create barriers to its formation. This blueprint is then embedded into the subconscious mind to create a reflexive response to stress: the Mental Immune System.

Through detailed explanations, animations and graphics, as well as guided exercises and techniques to practice, William will take you through the System step by step, over the course of 9 instructional videos (duration 15 minutes each). Further content will be continuously added to the course platform, but no subscription will be necessary – you will be able to access this and all future content via a one-time-only payment.

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Control Your Mind

When you’re more than the height of the Statue of Liberty underwater, with only your hands and feet to bring you back to the surface, panic can be fatal, and mental control must be infallible. The same techniques William uses to control his mind and autonomic system in record-setting dives can be used to overcome stress and anxiety, or to operate in high-pressure scenarios in professional and personal life.

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System Goals

  • Create a blueprint of how to respond to stress, fear, and the unknown.
  • Embed the method into your subconscious so that it becomes an automatic response – the Mental immune system.
  • Prove to yourself, through firsthand experience, that you’re capable of exceeding preconceptions of your own abilities.
  • Build a foundation for calm and stable work and personal life.
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A System That Works

The Mental Immune System cannot prevent difficult situations from arising in your life, but it will allow you to confront them in a new way, with physical calmness and a clear mind. After a while you may no longer even view them as stressful, or undergo anxiety because of them.

In our day to day lives we encounter roughly 60,000 germs a day, but we don’t need to take antibiotics continuously, as our bodies are able to defend against these via the autonomic immune system.

In the same way, we encounter numerous mental and emotional ‘germs’ every day: that comment by your work colleague, the battle to get home in rush hour traffic, the argument with your partner, the thoughts in your own head… But again, medicine or other outward interventions aren’t the only answer.
We have the ability to control our own state, by using the mind and the breath in order to physiologically engineer calmness and mental serenity. And when this becomes a background protocol, operated as needed by your subconscious mind, then you will enter a new life of equanimity and self-confidence.