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Mental Immune System FAQ

Is the course only available in English?

For now, the Mental Immune System is only available in the English Language.  We will be working on creating subtitles soon, and loading those to the video files.  Then we will begin to translate to other languages (Chinese, French, Italian…), so please put in a request if you would like yours!

Can I use multiple devices to access the course content?

Yes, you can log in from any number of devices, however not simultaneously.  You can only access the course from one device at a time.  Also, if you are changing between devices you may need to click on ‘log out’ before you can log in elsewhere.

Can the course be taken by anyone?

Absolutely anyone at all!  If you breathe and can read these words then you have everything you need.  Breath holds are introduced as part of the exercises in two lessons as tools for putting into practice some of the mental and physical techniques, but these are not obligatory, and there are no standards or requirements.
Stress and anxiety affect almost everyone at some point, and so the Mental Immune System is designed so that it can be applied by anyone, and in any circumstance.  That may sound like a bold claim, but it really is true.

How is the course delivered?

As soon as you enrol you will gain access to the course content, which is delivered as a series of 9 lessons.  Each lesson has a video in which William describes that part of the system, using stock footage, animation and graphics.  There are also lesson notes, additional exercises, suggested links and a short summary quiz for most of the lessons.

How many times can I watch the videos? How long will I be enrolled for?

As many times as you like, and forever!  Once you are enrolled you will always have access to the course, as well as any additional content that is uploaded in the future.