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Calmness underwater, calmness under pressure

Meet the Creator

An underwater sport has keys to life above the surface. In FREEDIVING, calmness under immense pressure can be the difference between life and death. To go as deep as humanly possible, you must be capable of total composure while the body is stretched to it’s physical limits.

William Trubridge is to date the only human being to have freedived to a depth of 100 meters with no assistance of any kind.  To do so, he had to have complete control over body and mind, and be immune to any thought or emotion that arose during the 4 minutes that he was holding his breath underwater.

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William Trubridge

the deepest man in the world
102m (334 feet) with no assistance

Freediving World Records
World Champion Titles
Multiple Guinness World Records

“When I was a child freediving was a way to bring up something from the bottom of the sea. We would swim down to retrieve a shiny stone, a shell, or a meal for the dinner table. Now, at the other end of my career, I’m finally bringing to the surface a treasure that it’s taken a lifetime of freedives to find.”

Our Potential

“Our potential is almost always far beyond what we believe, and unleashing it is a magnum opus, and one of life’s greatest rewards. My passion is now to share with other individuals and entities the tools that have served me so well in this process.

It’s important to me that I am aligned with the good fight, in a way that gives back to both environment and society for the bounties I’ve been able to enjoy. So I’m especially motivated to work with others who place the same importance on treading lightly, and giving while growing.”

Smile into your abyss

“In all my deepest dives I have been alone in the depths. Now I look forward to working with others, and diving deep together to harvest our potential side by side.”

– William Trubridge

“Even months after, we hear about how the talk brought awareness and new tools for them to use in their day to day decision- making, especially now in the unknown business environment we live in.”

“There couldn’t be a more relevant speaker for the times. Hearing from William about how to respond to fear, stress and unknowns was something we all needed. Clients still ask us if we are having him back so they can invite friends and family.”