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Build Immunity to Stress while ensuring High Performance

Mental Immunity

Pressure proof your body and mind to reduce all forms of stress and anxiety

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World Record Attempt

Apply The Same Principles I Use For Your Everyday Mental & Physical Health

On Saturday 5th Nov, William will attempt to break the world record for distance underwater in 24 hours, holding his breath as a series of underwater laps. The record attempt is being done in support of mental health and to promote the upcoming launch of the Mental Immune System.

The video series to be released this month that will give anyone suffering from anxiety, stress, or depression the tools they need to regain calm and equanimity in their lives.

About The Attempt

The current world record for distance underwater in 24 hours is 26.35km (1054 laps of a 25m pool), and William has set a goal to swim 42.2km, the distance of a marathon, or 1688 laps.
William is passionate about these techniques, learnt and developed in a career of stretching human limits in freediving, and just as passionate about how powerful they can be for anyone struggling with the pressures life exerts on us.
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The key to the Mental Immune System is that it outsources stress/anxiety control to your subconscious mind. This makes the techniques more infallible, and also frees your conscious mind so that you can continue operating normally.  After all, we’re born with a physical immune system to deal with bacteria and viruses, but we’re not equipped with a mental one for the bugs and bogies that assail our thoughts and emotions.  That one we have to build ourselves – but luckily it’s not that hard!

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The Mental Immunity Program

When immersed in stress, our innate responses are mostly counterproductive or even redundant. They are artifacts left over from our time as primitive apes, governed by the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Nowadays these do more harm than good when encountering modern stressors that lurk in the office, boardroom, or at home.

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The Mental Immune System

How It Works

Instead body and mind have other more nuanced functions. Once unlocked, they can be used with the greater effect to maintain equanimity that is not contrived, but instead regenerated continuously.

The difference is paramount. In the world of business, but also in our lives in general, the gulf between vision and success is greatly determined by how we deal with stressors and our fear of the unknown.

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The System

Our species is drowning in stress and anxiety.

41% of adults are showing symptoms of anxiety disorder and/or depressive disorder. How do we cope with life in such a high-pressure, turbulent world?

Program Goals

  • Create a blueprint of how to respond to stress, fear, and the unknown.
  • Embed the method into your subconscious so that it becomes an automatic response (The “mental immune system”).
  • Prove to yourself experientially that you’re capable of exceeding preconceptions of your own abilities
  • Build a foundation for calm and stable work and personal life.
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Control Your Mind

When you’re the length of a football field underwater, with only your hands and feet to bring you back to the surface, panic can be fatal, and mental control must be infallible. The same techniques William uses to control his mind and autonomic system in record-setting dives can be used to overcome stress and anxiety, or to operate in high-pressure scenarios in professional and personal life.

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A System That Works

The blueprint is a double- pronged approach that uses both physical and mental techniques to dissipate existing stress, as well as to create barriers to its formation. This blueprint is then embedded into the subconscious mind to create a reflexive reaction to stress: the mental immune system.

Before you react you have to respond subconsciously

For nearly half his life William has redefined human aquatic potential, setting 18 freediving world records and winning multiple world champion titles. He remains the only human being to have swum to a depth of 100 meters and back with no assistance of any kind.

Freediving World Records

My Approach

For the last 18 years I have redefined the idea of human aquatic potential, striving
to answer the question ‘how deep are we as a species’?

Pressure-proof Your Mind and Body

The Man Behind The Method

An underwater sport has the answers. In FREEDIVING , calmness under immense pressure can be the difference between life and death. To go as deep as humanly possible, you must be capable of total composure while the body is stretched to it’s physical limits.

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William Trubridge

The Deepest Man In The World

Our Potential

Our potential is almost always far beyond what we believe, and unleashing it is a magnum opus, and one of life’s greatest rewards. My passion is now to share with other individuals and entities the tools that have served me so well in this process. It’s important to me that I am aligned with the good fight, in a way that gives back to both environment and society for the bounties I’ve been able to enjoy. So I’m especially motivated to work with others who place the same importance on treading lightly, and giving while growing.

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The blueprint is a double-pronged approach that uses both physical and mental techniques to dissipate existing stress, as well as to create barriers to its formation. This blueprint is then embedded into the subconscious mind to create a reflexive reaction to stress: the mental immune system.

  • 10 x 20–minute instructional videos that reveal the true nature of stress and how it can be overcome
  • A double-pronged approach that harnesses the innate powers of your mind & lungs
  • Practical exercises to build a mental and emotional immune system
  • Scheduled virtual conferences for a closer interaction with William and guided drills
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